Command line options


Command line options

pdfrecycle 0.05 supports the following command line options:


show program’s version number and exit

--debug=LEVEL, -d LEVEL

set output verbosity to LEVEL (default: 2)

--help, -h

show this help message and exit

--input=FILE, -i FILE

read commands from FILE (default: STDIN)

--job=JOB, -j JOB

short for ‚-i JOB.prc -o JOB‘

--keep, -k

do not remove temporary files (default: remove them)

--man=STMNT, -m STMNT

print help for statement STMNT. Use . to print all statements

--output=BASE, -o BASE

use BASE as basename for output (default: output)

--runs=COUNT, -r COUNT

run pdflatex COUNT times (default: 3)