Package peggy :: Module nogui :: Class PeggyNoGUI
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Class PeggyNoGUI

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    object --+    
base.PeggyBase --+

Peggy without GUI support
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    Inherited from base.PeggyBase
__init__(self, package)
x.__init__(...) initializes x; see x.__class__.__doc__ for signature
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_init_locale_variables(self, domain, dir)
Used by setup_locales().
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exists(self, name)
Does the ressource name exist?
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get_filename(self, name)
get a true filesystem filename for ressource name
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get_locale_dir(self, dir=None)
get ressource dir for use as a locale's directory
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get_stream(self, name)
get ressource name as a file-like object
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get_string(self, name)
get ressource name as a string
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is_dir(self, name)
Is the ressource name a directory?
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list_dir(self, name)
list list the content of ressource name, like os.listdir
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setup_locales(self, domain=None, dir=None, use_unicode=1)
setup everything to use locales.
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